Timo Paris

At the moment, I am enrolled in the Bachelor degree at the Institut Kunst (Fine Arts Faculty) at the FHNW HGKBasel, under the direction of Chus Martinez. This journey is rooted in my deep passion for drawing and painting, as well as my curiosity towards other media, such as photography, film and sculpture. The open structure of the curriculum enables me to follow my interests and deepen my experiences within the mentioned media, and explore new possibilities. My endeavours in fine arts mirror or balance my practice as a dancer: specifically in breaking. The states and experiences central for visual artists, as well as dancers, are at core of my work. In my visual practice, I am exploring different elements two-dimensionally, such as color combinations, moods and graphical shapes. Whereas in 3D, I am working with topics such as form, movement, dynamics, space and depth. I am exploring these topics as well, through the perspective of dancing. The inspiration and energy that stems from this analysis, influence the materiality of my visual practice. Through the possibilities of film and photography, some works seem to adhere to a so called fourth dimension. The momentum that is representing the transience and capturing of individual moments, are a fundamental feature of these works. The use of the media interfaces is enabling the yet existing, to develop its own language. I see my works as certain interfaces that allow the viewer to experience an altered entry point. During my research of the different levels and disciplines, I try to give enough contextual space to each and every one of the levels, in order for them to have autonomy within the finished work, the „gesamtkunstwerk“.

In my working process I am using the tension or friction between the coincidental, improvised features and the planned choreography. I am using the innate logic of acting, in order to bond with my instincts and get away from the rational thinking or intellectual perception. This distance creates a space for reflection and builds a way for new inspiration. My cross-media approach allows me to keep the two poles in balance.