Born on August 12, 1994 in Basel. After graduating from high school, he attended the preliminary course in design at the Basel School of Design in 2016. After a year in between traveling in Australia and Asia, he studied fine arts at the FHNW HGK, Basel, where he successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2020.

The artistic activity in fine arts is complemented with a passionate practice in breaking, where he is constantly developing since 2004. He is working as a professional dancer at the MIR Compagnie under the direction of Béatrice Götz since 2014 and has helped to built “the movement”, an association for the promotion of movement, education and hip hop culture, where he is responsible for the education of the young.

As part of the few Yen generation, which was born into a predominantly analogue world and yet grew up with digitization, Timo Paris deals with the creation of individual with cross-media. I am concerned with how the digital way of action and thought is reflected in the physical world. Our personality is shaped in the virtual world at breakneck speed and renegotiates questions of inner and outer representation, presence, distance and temporality.

In exploring media interfaces, Timo Paris examines the dialogue between the experiencing self, which is shaped by physical experience, and the narrative self, which is shaped by our visual faculties. He interested in the potential of figurative transformation and the interplay of the haptic quality of the sense of sight with the visual quality of our imagination. He explores dimensions of distinction and negotiates interfaces between self-sculpture and body cult.