In the discipline of Breaking, the technical performance is an essential part of the dance and allows the dancer to express him or herself in a differentiated manner. A lot of time is invested in the development and execution of the movements, which form the basis. The challenge lies in the application of the danceform, which stems from a system of choreography and improvisation – a duality which is putting the human body into the center of the execution. One is trying to use the bricks and parts to combine and create something new and inspiring.

With this work I tried to break up the tradition, which is focused on the human corporality. A tradition often seen in choreography. The development and the making process should play the central role and be understood as a symbiosis of a choreography and intuitive reaction. The object should ultimately represent this line of thought, as the movement is completely expelled in the end product / visible form. The object is thus communicating in its distinct language and is recounting the action, the movement in a deliberate constellation.