Timo Paris
2018 / The drama of perishability / Photoprint / Size variable

Dance can be understood as a visualisation of timely bound dynamic forms in a space. The immateriality of the dance is an essential difference to the visual arts. The dance can’t be captured. Or if so, just in a limited form. For me, the dramatics lie in the very moment of creation and they continue their path, as I start to understand the subconscious drive, to captivate the experienced form and make it realisable for others. In this instance, fine arts represent a chance to translate the language of dance, to complete it or even change it (see “Muscle Memory”). During a dance, the timely distance between the sender and the receiver is short, whereby the expression of the dancer directly transforms into the perceptions of the receiver. Whereas in the discipline of fine arts, works often have a physical longevity, which is only revealed to the beholder, after the making process.