What does “the movement” mean to me?

the movement spot for me is a place where a lot of what I do every day comes into place. The community and the spot provide me with an environment that gives me the inspiration and the power to continue to do what I love and to share it with others. I have been involved in the development of ideas for the project and their implementation since early days. Why? Basically, I want to create and make available to my environment the structures that makes it possible, as an urban artist, as well as a movement enthusiast, to be able to fully develop and work
Basically, I want to create structures for my entourage and me, that enable us to fully develop as urban artists and movement enthuisiasts so we can have a positive and lasting effect on the world.

The movement for me stands for self-development, cohesion, support, inspiration, creativity, motivation, authenticity, joy, fun, love and unity.

What I do at the movement


I am passionate about the movement community. My service includes organizing, directing and curating open practice and jam sessions. Being in exchange with people from different disciplines and levels, learning, sharing and promoting. On the one hand, I am a student, on the other hand a coach, contact person and trainer for all who visit my course or train with us. At times I am also responsible for designing and rehearsing shows and performances in the field of dance.

Breaking Tutor

At the beginning there is the acquisition of a sound, technical basis. It is the tool of every dancer, the bigger and more skilled the technique, the more diverse the possibilities of expression become. A conscious and creative handling of movement is practiced. We are looking for personal strengths and weaknesses, firstly to highlight the strengths and secondly to learn how to deal with the weaknesses. Once a certain foundation is in place, we will test different uses of this basis. The practical application as well as the teaching of the values ​​and the philosophy of the Breaking go hand in hand and are important components of my instruction. It’s about musicality, expression, presence, improvisation, creativity, personality, exchange, competition, respect, discipline, control, character, flow, concept and much more. My way of teaching therefore enhances a natural transition for the students between the lesson and the common training (“open practice”) . Basically, all students are welcome: those who like to challenge and move forward, as well as those who just want to let off steam and have fun.

“A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself.” (Bruce Lee)

Artistic projects

Trophähe für the movement vol.2 “vibes”
I am responsible for designing and executing projects in the field of visual arts. These can be orders murals, planning and execution of workshops in the field of visual art, th production artwoks and objects such as trophies, sculptures, multimedia installations, graphics, fonts, prints,ect.


I am helping out with the creation and processing of photo and video footage in the daily routine of the movement. This includes the documentation of battles, workshops, classes, trainings and more.

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