Photographs of a dancing body are put together in a digital collage, printed, reshaped by folding and bending and coated with epoxy resin. By manipulating the image of the body and the surface, a variety of spacial situations is created.Sculptural moments such as capturing the movement while observing composition, harmony and aesthetics as well as depicting human skill are essential aspects of an ancient history of the sculpture (ancient Greece, Sistine chapel, gymnos = stripped, figura serpentinata). This piece reworks these aspects with contemporary methods (Breaking (dance), digital photography, plot). A community of 19 creatures remains in athletically demanding and bizarre poses. Unsure if they are trapped within or freed by their body, they are torn back and forth by the urge to evolve further and to preserve their status. The almost performative character of these creatures and their stating create a theatrical composition and invite the observer to come up their own myths about these creatures.